Site configuration

There is a security update available for your version of Drupal. To ensure the security of your server, you should update immediately! See the available updates page for more information.
Manage the actions defined for your site.
Administration menu
Adjust administration menu settings.
Administration theme
Settings for how your administrative pages should look.
Clean URLs
Enable or disable clean URLs for your site.
Date and time
Settings for how Drupal displays date and time, as well as the system's default timezone.
Error reporting
Control how Drupal deals with errors including 403/404 errors as well as PHP error reporting.
File system
Tell Drupal where to store uploaded files and how they are accessed.
Image toolkit
Choose which image toolkit to use if you have installed optional toolkits.
Input formats
Configure how content input by users is filtered, including allowed HTML tags. Also allows enabling of module-provided filters.
jQuery Update
Configure settings for jQuery Update module.
Logging and alerts
Settings for logging and alerts modules. Various modules can route Drupal's system events to different destination, such as syslog, database, email, ...etc.
Enable or disable page caching for anonymous users and set CSS and JS bandwidth optimization options.
Site information
Change basic site information, such as the site name, slogan, e-mail address, mission, front page and more.
Site maintenance
Take the site off-line for maintenance or bring it back online.
Slideshow CS settings
Configure Slideshow CS
Webform settings
Global configuration of webform functionality.