Actions are individual tasks that the system can do, such as unpublishing a piece of content or banning a user. Modules, such as the trigger module, can fire these actions when certain system events happen; for example, when a new post is added or when a user logs in. Modules may also provide additional actions.

There are two types of actions: simple and advanced. Simple actions do not require any additional configuration, and are listed here automatically. Advanced actions can do more than simple actions; for example, send an e-mail to a specified address, or check for certain words within a piece of content. These actions need to be created and configured first before they may be used. To create an advanced action, select the action from the drop-down below and click the Create button.

Actions available to Drupal:

Action typeDescription
commentPublish comment
commentUnpublish comment
nodePublish post
nodeUnpublish post
nodeMake post sticky
nodeMake post unsticky
nodePromote post to front page
nodeRemove post from front page
nodeSave post
userBlock current user
userBan IP address of current user
Make a new advanced action available