Administration menu

The administration menu module provides a dropdown menu arranged for one- or two-click access to most administrative tasks and other common destinations (to users with the proper permissions). Use the settings below to customize the appearance of the menu.
If enabled, the site output is shifted down approximately 20 pixels from the top of the viewport to display the administration menu. If disabled, some absolute- or fixed-positioned page elements may be covered by the administration menu.
If enabled, the administration menu is always displayed at the top of the browser viewport (even after the page is scrolled). Note: In some browsers, this setting results in a malformed page, an invisible cursor, non-selectable elements in forms, or other issues. Disable this option if these issues occur.
Advanced settings
If enabled, fieldsets on the modules page are automatically collapsed when loading the page.
If enabled, the tabs on the current page are moved into the administration menu. This feature is only available in themes that use the CSS classes tabs primary and tabs secondary for tabs.
If the administration menu displays duplicate menu items, you may need to rebuild your menu items using the Wipe and rebuild button.