Webform settings

Webform enables nodes to have attached forms and questionnaires. To add one, create a Webform piece of content.

Webform allows you to enable the webform components for any content type. Choose the types on which you would like to associate webform components.
DatePresents month, day, and year fields.
E-mailA special textfield that accepts e-mail addresses.
FieldsetFieldsets allow you to organize multiple fields into groups.
FileAllow users to upload files of configurable types.
GridAllows creation of grid questions, denoted by radio buttons.
HiddenA field which is not visible to the user, but is recorded with the submission.
MarkupDisplays text as HTML in the form; does not render a field.
Page breakOrganize forms into multiple pages.
Select optionsAllows creation of checkboxes, radio buttons, or select menus.
TextareaA large text area that allows for multiple lines of input.
TextfieldBasic textfield type.
TimePresents the user with hour and minute fields. Optional am/pm fields.
Default e-mail values
The default sender address for emailed webform results; often the e-mail address of the maintainer of your forms.
The default sender name which is used along with the default from address.
The default subject line of any e-mailed results.