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This is the monthly break down of sales for the year 2018. Clicking on each link will take you to a list of orders during that month.

All sales reports are GMT -0700 (Default site timezone)

Order statuses used: Completed

MonthNumber of ordersTotal revenueAverage order
Jan 20180$0.00$0.00
Feb 20180$0.00$0.00
Mar 20180$0.00$0.00
Apr 20180$0.00$0.00
May 20180$0.00$0.00
Jun 20180$0.00$0.00
Jul 20180$0.00$0.00
Aug 20180$0.00$0.00
Sep 20180$0.00$0.00
Oct 20180$0.00$0.00
Nov 20180$0.00$0.00
Dec 20180$0.00$0.00
Total 20180$0.00$0.00