Catalog settings

Catalog settings: edit
  • The taxonomy vocabulary Catalog is set as the product catalog.
  • Catalog breadcrumb is being displayed.
  • Node count is not being displayed in the catalog breadcrumb.
  • The catalog view is displaying subcategories.
  • Subcategories are being displayed in 3 columns.
  • There are 12 product nodes displayed per page.
  • Block settings:
    • Block title is not pointing to the top-level catalog page.
    • Not expanding categories in the catalog block.
    • The number of nodes in a category are being shown in the catalog block.
Product grid settings: edit
  • Products are displayed in a table list.
  • The grid will be displayed in 3 columns.
  • Displayed fields:
    • Product title
    • Product SKU
    • Default product image
    • Sell price
    • Add to cart form
    • Attribute selection elements