Checkout settings

Checkout settings: edit
  • Ubercart checkout is enabled.
  • Anonymous checkout is enabled.
  • Shipping fields are hidden when applicable.
  • Checkout panes are expanded by default.
  • Collapsible panes will collapse when their next buttons are clicked.
  • New customers receive an e-mail with their account details.
  • New customer account status will be active.
  • Checkout completion page will be the default page.
Checkout panes: edit
  • Cart contents is enabled.
  • Customer information is enabled.
  • Delivery information is enabled.
  • Billing information is enabled.
  • Payment method is enabled.
  • Order comments is enabled.
Checkout messages: edit
  • Checkout instructions are not set.
  • Review instructions are set.
  • Completion message is set.
  • Completion text for logged in users is set.
  • Completion text for users who aren't logged in is set.
  • Completion text for new users is set.
  • Continue shopping text is set.
Address fields: edit
  • First name is enabled.
  • Last name is enabled.
  • Phone number is enabled.
  • Company is enabled.
  • Street address 1 is enabled.
  • Street address 2 is enabled.
  • City is enabled.
  • State/Province is enabled.
  • Country is enabled.
  • Postal code is enabled.