Payment settings

Credit card encryption must be configured to accept credit card payments.
Payment methods
The settings forms below are for the payment methods defined by enabled modules. Click a name to expand its options and adjust the settings accordingly. Methods are listed in order of appearance on the checkout screen, determined by the list position setting (current value shown in parentheses).

EnabledPayment methodList positionDefault gateway
PayPal Website Payments Standard
PayPal Express Checkout
Google Checkout
Credit card
Credit card settings
Credit card data security
You are responsible for the security of your website, including the protection of credit card numbers. Please be aware that choosing some settings in this section may decrease the security of credit card data on your website and increase your liability for damages in the case of fraud.
You must enable encryption by following the encryption instructions in order to accept credit card payments.
In short, you must specify a path outside of your document root where the encryption key may be stored.
Relative paths will be resolved relative to the Drupal installation directory.
Once this is set, you should not change it.
In debug mode, credit card details may be stored in violation of PCI security standards.
Debug mode is only recommended for testing transactions with fake credit card details.
Checkout workflow
These settings alter the way credit card data is collected and used during checkout.
Invalid card numbers will show an error message to the user so they can correct it.
This feature is recommended unless you are in debug mode.
Failed attempts will prevent checkout completion and display the error message from above.
This box must be checked to process customer credit cards if you are not in debug mode.
Debug mode data clearing
Specify below the status and age of orders whose credit card details will be removed. This setting only applies when operating in debug mode. When not in debug mode, no credit card information except the last 4 digits of the card number will be stored. Cron must be running for this feature to work.
Credit card fields
Specify what information to collect from customers in addition to the card number.
The CVV is an added security measure on credit cards. On Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards it is a three digit number, and on AmEx cards it is a four digit number. If your credit card processor or payment gateway requires this information, you should enable this feature here.
If enabled, specify in the textarea below which card options to populate the select box with.
Enter one card type per line. These fields will populate the card type select box if it is enabled.
Accepted card types (for validation)
Use the checkboxes to specify which card types you accept for payment. Selected card types will show their icons in the payment method selection list and be used for card number validation.
Customer messages
Here you can alter messages displayed to customers using credit cards.
Instructions for customers on the checkout page above the credit card fields.
Error message displayed to customers when an attempted payment fails at checkout.