Payment settings

  • Credit card encryption must be configured to accept credit card payments.
  • You must download the security script from your CyberSource account (found in Tools & Settings > Hosted Order Page > Security) and place it in the ubercart/payment/uc_cybersource directory to use the Silent Order POST. Remember to open it and replace instances of L( with csL(.
Payment settings: edit
  • Payment tracking is enabled.
  • Payments can be deleted by users with permission.
  • Log payments are being entered to and deleted from the order log.
  • Default payment details message is:
    Continue with checkout to complete payment.
Payment methods: edit
  • PayPal Website Payments Standard is disabled for checkout.
  • PayPal Express Checkout is disabled for checkout.
  • COD is disabled for checkout.
  • Check is enabled for checkout.
  • Google Checkout is disabled for checkout.
  • Credit card is enabled for checkout.
  • 2Checkout is enabled for checkout.
  • Other is disabled for checkout.
Payment gateways: edit
  • is enabled.
  • Test Gateway is enabled.
  • CyberSource is enabled.
  • Google Checkout is enabled.
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro is enabled.