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Permissions let you control what users can do on your site. Each user role (defined on the user roles page) has its own set of permissions. For example, you could give users classified as "Administrators" permission to "administer nodes" but deny this power to ordinary, "authenticated" users. You can use permissions to reveal new features to privileged users (those with subscriptions, for example). Permissions also allow trusted users to share the administrative burden of running a busy site.

Permissionanonymous userauthenticated user
admin_menu module
access administration menu
display drupal links
block module
administer blocks
use PHP for block visibility
ca module
administer conditional actions
comment module
access comments
administer comments
post comments
post comments without approval
contact module
access site-wide contact form
administer site-wide contact form
filter module
administer filters
menu module
administer menu
node module
access content
administer content types
administer nodes
create food content
create page content
create store content
create story content
create webform content
delete any food content
delete any page content
delete any store content
delete any story content
delete any webform content
delete own food content
delete own page content
delete own store content
delete own story content
delete own webform content
delete revisions
edit any food content
edit any page content
edit any store content
edit any story content
edit any webform content
edit own food content
edit own page content
edit own store content
edit own story content
edit own webform content
revert revisions
view revisions
path module
administer url aliases
create url aliases
slideshowcs module
access slideshowcs content
administer slideshowcs
system module
access administration pages
access site reports
administer actions
administer files
administer site configuration
select different theme
taxonomy module
administer taxonomy
uc_attribute module
administer attributes
administer product attributes
administer product options
administer cart links
view cart links report
uc_catalog module
administer catalog
view catalog
uc_credit module
administer credit cards
process credit cards
view cc details
view cc numbers
uc_order module
administer order workflow
create orders
delete orders
edit orders
unconditionally delete orders
view all orders
view own orders
uc_payment module
delete payments
manual payments
view payments
uc_paypal module
administer paypal
uc_product module
administer product classes
administer product features
administer products
create products
delete all products
delete own products
edit all products
edit own products
uc_product_kit module
administer product kits
create product kits
edit all product kits
edit own product kits
uc_reports module
view reports
uc_stock module
administer product stock
uc_store module
administer store
view customers
view store reports
uc_taxes module
configure taxes
user module
access user profiles
administer permissions
administer users
change own username
webform module
access all webform results
access own webform results
access own webform submissions
delete all webform submissions
delete own webform submissions
edit all webform submissions
edit own webform submissions