User settings

User registration settings
If this box is checked, new users will be required to validate their e-mail address prior to logging into the site, and will be assigned a system-generated password. With it unchecked, users will be logged in immediately upon registering, and may select their own passwords during registration.
This text is displayed at the top of the user registration form and is useful for helping or instructing your users.
User e-mail settings
Drupal sends emails whenever new users register on your site, and optionally, may also notify users after other account actions. Using a simple set of content templates, notification e-mails can be customized to fit the specific needs of your site.
Welcome, no approval required
Customize welcome e-mail messages sent to new members upon registering, when no administrator approval is required. Available variables are: !username, !site, !password, !uri, !uri_brief, !mailto, !date, !login_uri, !edit_uri, !login_url.
Subdirectory in the directory sites/default/files/ where pictures will be stored.
URL of picture to display for users with no custom picture selected. Leave blank for none.
Maximum dimensions for pictures, in pixels.
Maximum file size for pictures, in kB.
This text is displayed at the picture upload form in addition to the default guidelines. It's useful for helping or instructing your users.